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ALAN BUNTING's website http://pelstream.co.uk is the ultimate Faith resource with a complete discography (something you won't find here!) and much more for the collector.  Alan has a tremendous discography complete with cover art and the various catalog numbers applied over the decades.
I have never been real bright on inclusion of links because I'm lazy or incompetent, but one link has never been shown here and it always should have been...
There are wonderful recordings from London/Decca  that we have all loved - Ronnie Aldrich and his "twin pianos" (well, not really twin pianos but some good twin-tracking and pan-potting), Stanley Black, Frank Chacksfield, etc...  Many of the recordings have been perfectly remastered and reissued through Michael Dutton's website and it is must reading for mood musikians.  Here you will find the great London Phase 4 records.  Please check out your favorite artists from London Records (Decca in the UK) here!
Here you will find a LOT of great music in a wide range of interests and going waaay back in time.  Well worth a visit... please stop by!  Robert Farnon records, even (gasp) Mantovani... there's a lot of great music here.
The ROBERT FARNON Society web page  -  Visit http://www.rfsoc.freeserve.co.uk to read about/join the Society, that has done a magnificent job of maintaining, through the years, a keen  interest in "our" type of music. 
RAY CONNIFF    The late Ray Conniff has two tremendous websites and publications, click here and below for details!  
Doug Mitchell's site:  http://www.rayconniff.info/
Manfred Thonicke's RAY CONNIFF web page: http://www.thoenicke.homepage.t-online.de/rayconniff/index.htm
CD's of vintage music  www.deltamusic.co.uk
THE JOY BOYS: Washington DC's long-running, perfect example of how great live radio could be - and now Robert Bybee has a website devoted to their on-air antics.    There's been nothing on the air for us "geezers" for a long time.  Some people had their tapes rolling, and on the Joy Boys site, you'll hear some clips of "live radio" gems.  By all means please drop by http://www.thejoyboys.com and enjoy some sounds of two of the most talented gentlemen of the airwaves.
Speaking of Washington, DC, I was born there, though my first trip home at two weeks of age was to the Maryland suburbs of DC.  Through the web I can relive the local and national television shows that served as light education and a lot of just plain fascination as a kid - heck, gosh, gee, everyone remembers Bozo The Clown, right?  Can you say WILLARD SCOTT???  Many of the shows and themes depicted here are local to the Washington area.  What's very interesting relating to music, is that we've found that a couple of the tremendously popular shows used Percy Faith themes (Countdown Carnival used "Little Bells and Big Bells" - Captain Tugg used Faith's arrangement of "Bluebell" - and we just found out that Mitch Miller did the music for the "Ranger Hal" program.  Visit Bob Bell's site and see the shows we watched as brats I mean perfect children in the 50's and 60's!!!  http://kidshow.dcmemories.com/.  Bob's site will bring back childhood memories of the television shows that some of our group of "aging boomers" grew up on - with a special emphasis, of course, on those shows from the Washington, DC television stations aimed at the kiddies

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